0y - an autonomous organization of web3 specialists from around the world.

0y melds the resources and talents of its members to collectively unveil new opportunities.

(0) — Zero is the beginning and the end.


Our Values

  • We are a closed DAO with reliable information, united by the goal of expanding competencies, mutual assistance and accumulating unique expertise.
  • We not only invest in finished products, but also create our own.
  • We strive to cover all areas of the market and do it more efficiently than others.
  • We do not pretend that we are "the best". We are the best.

Our skills

Focusing on investments in high-quality web3 projects.

Implementing and testing nodes, enhancing network performance & project development.

Supporting open-source by developing specialized programs and scripts to web3 projects.

Network of influencers to support the awareness of web3.

Delving into on-chain and public data to provide top-notch analytics across the web3 landscape.